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What are "nootropics"?

The term “nootropics” refers to a class of consumable compounds which enhance cognitive function. In the strict definition (which we prefer) a nootropic should produce no side effects and be safe for long-term usage. We’re biased, but we think that everyone should consider taking some form of nootropic, particularly if your brain is your livelihood.

Who are your products for?

Our customers come from all walks of life. Why? Because our products are for anyone who wants to perform better in their career, their relationships – in their life in general. In the past, nootropics have been associated with high-flyers in sectors like technology and finance, people looking to get an edge in ultra-competitive markets. The truth is that everyone can benefit from improved cognitive function, and that’s why we have created products that are suitable and affordable for as many people as possible. (But also high-flyers!)

Why is cognitive function so important?

If you’re reading this page and considering buying these products, chances are that you rely upon your brain for your livelihood. But achieving peak mental performance can do so much more than just get you ahead in your career. Everything you experience, you experience through your brain. Life is just better when your brain is firing on all cylinders.

What else can I do to improve my cognitive function?

Diet, exercise, sleep and stress are all key inputs that directly affect your cognitive function. You could go deep into the scientific research that’s being published almost every day. If you don’t have time for that (and it’s reasonable that you won’t) you can do two things: 1) Sign up to our mailing list. You’ll receive Neuro Fridays, our weekly newsletter dedicated to cognitive enhancement and mental performance; 2) Head on over to our blog where we publish in-depth science-backed resources for the non-scientific reader.

What does "Neurogenika" mean?

We want to help people Build A Better Brain. Broken down into its individual parts, the name “Neuro-geni-ka” is reflective of this mission.

“Neuro”: neurons are nerve cells found in high concentration in the brain – you can think of them as brain cells. There are thought to be anywhere between 80 and 100 billion neurons in the average human brain.

“geni”: genesis refers to the origin, creation or beginning of something. The creation of new neurons is known as “neurogenesis”. That’s right, it’s now known that human brains are capable of growing throughout our lives. Of course this opposite is also true – if neuron death is higher than neuron birth, the brain will shrink.

“ka”: although difficult to translate accurately into contemporary English, in ancient Egyptian culture an individual’s “ka” represented a core component of their spirit governing all elements of life. Much like the brain, the ka required constant nourishment to thrive and offerings of food and drink were made frequently to ensure its health and vitality.

How can I get a discount?

We try to offer the highest quality of product at a reasonable price. The best ways to save on the full price is to subscribe for a monthly delivery of our products. When you buy like this, we give you a 10% discount on the regular price, which makes our formulas even more affordable as well as removing the hassle of having to manually re-order when you’re running low.


Do your products really work?

Each ingredient in our formulas is proven to be effective in some area of cognitive enhancement. This means they produced beneficial results in randomized clinical trials – placebo-controlled studies using large populations of healthy adult volunteers and rigorous testing. The results of these studies are analyzed to identify statistically significant outcomes. Occasionally we will also refer to animal studies where a human study is unavailable. We could provide all sorts of anecdotal evidence as to the effectiveness of these ingredients, but we prefer to be led by the scientific evidence, which you can find summarized on each product page.

Why do your formulas have such high dosages of particular ingredients?

There’s a short answer and a long answer.

The short answer: our formulas contain clinically effective dosages, meaning that the dosage has been proven to be effective in clinical trials published in peer-reviewed journals. If another product has a lower dosage of a certain ingredient, it may be less effective, or not effective at all. In short, we don’t use high dosages – but other products may contain very low dosages.

The long answer: most supplement companies care more about selling products than making great products. Lower quality products translate into lower customer retention, but that’s OK as long as you can keep selling to new customers. Let’s say a company wants to include Bacopa Monnieri in their product. They could include 300mg of standardized extract, the clinically effective dosage (like we do in THRIVE). But guess what’s cheaper than 300mg? 50mg. And guess what’s cheaper than standardized extract? Root powder. They can still claim the product contains Bacopa – and their profits will be much higher by using inferior ingredients in lower quantities. But they aren’t telling you that it’s really just there for marketing purposes. It won’t be effective at that dosage or in that form. That’s why we call it a “decorative” dosage.

It really comes down to this: do you want to spend your money on effective or decorative dosages?

What does it feel like to use these products?

You shouldn’t really feel anything – and we mean that in a good way. For a start, our products are not stimulants so you will not feel “wired” after using them. The effects are much more subtle than that. But don’t confuse “subtle” with “small”. Take a look at the research, and you’ll see some significant improvement under cognitive testing while using these compounds. Put simply, when you’re brain is running well, it’s not always immediately noticeable. Even if this new level of functioning isn’t normal for you, it “feels” normal. It feels right. Some people say they only notice the benefits if they stop taking these products for a while. After all, you’re more likely to notice that time when you couldn’t remember a fact, figure, or a person’s name, rather than that time when you could.

What's in your formulas?

Browse our products and you’ll see that we are completely transparent on the composition of our formulas. You should know exactly what you’re putting in your body, and you always will with our products. Each formula is different, but all are composed of combinations of either plant extracts or amino acids which are naturally occurring in food sources. We always use standardized extracts so you can be sure you’re getting a specific dose of the active ingredients, just like those which have been proven in clinical studies.

Why do you tell people exactly what's in your formulas?

Because we’re proud of the quality of our formulas and we want people to know that they’re getting the best when they buy Neurogenika products.

A lot of supplement companies don’t disclose the quantities of ingredients they’re using. Their label refers to a “proprietary blend”, which lists the ingredients by name but not the dosage. Let’s say you see Bacopa Monnieri on a label like this. You have no way of knowing whether it’s 300mg (the clinically effect dosage that we use) or 1mg. But if they’re not telling you, you can safely assume it’s on the low end. These companies will try to make you believe that their “top secret blend” is so good that it would be commercial suicide to disclose the recipe. In reality, it’s just smoke and mirrors to sell inferior products containing tiny sprinkles of well-known, effective ingredients at sub-effective dosages.

Why do your products contain so few ingredients?

When it came to designing our formulas, we rigorously reviewed the independent scientific literature to engineer the highest quality, most effective formulas. We only wanted ingredients that were proven in well-designed clinicial trials, ideally randomized trials with placebo control. Only a few ingredients made the cut.

Some other supplement companies are playing a marketing game, and appealing to our human instinct that “more is better”. Rather than sell formulas with three ingredients at clinically effective dosages, they design a formula with ten ingredients at smaller dosages. So now you have sub-effective dosages of the three ingredients that are proven, and seven non-proven (usually much cheaper) ingredients that are only there to make up the numbers. The products probably don’t do much, and customers will often only buy once before they work out that the formula doesn’t work. But by then the company has your money and can reinvest in advertising to sell to the next guy.

Can I take these products every day?

All of our products are designed for daily usage. The ingredients in THRIVE in particular have been shown to become more effective over time with regular usage. REVIVE can be used as required to enhance sleep quality, but we believe regular high-quality sleep is a compounding investment for your brain. Saving REVIVE for times when you’re trying to overcome a sleep deficit is therefore likely a false economy.

Are your products vegan friendly / gluten-free / free of known allergens?

All our formulas (including the capsules) are vegan-friendly, GMO-free and free of all 14 common allergens recognized by the EU, which includes gluten.

Can I use more than one of your products?

Yes, our products are designed to be used together – that’s why we sell STRIVE, our bundle of all three formulas together. Each formula provides a different set of benefits which cumulatively contribute to building a better brain, for now and for the future.

Where are your products manufactured?

All our formulas are manufactured in the UK in facilities which are GMP, SALSA and IS0 9001 certified.

How do you ensure the safety and quality of your products?

Safety and quality are of paramount importance to our customers, and therefore to us too. We have a rigorous quality control process to ensure that the products we deliver to you contain exactly what we say they do, and nothing else. All our suppliers have to provide us with a certificate of analysis confirming that the ingredients have been tested for both potency (presence of the active compounds in the correct quantities) and absence of contaminants (cadmium, lead, mercury, E. coli, yeast, mould and staphylococcus aureus). Without that certificate of analysis, they do not enter our manufacturing facilities. Within our facilities, the environment is closely controlled by our strict health and safety protocols. We go above and beyond to ensure the product you receive is of the highest standard.

Are your products suitable to treat a medical condition?

No. Our products are food supplements (known as dietary supplements in the US) designed to provide nutritional support for healthy individuals who want to enhance their cognitive function. If you have a medical condition, cognitive or otherwise, you are advised to consult a medical professional. We make no medical or health claims for our products. The statements on this site have not been evaluated by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (UK), the Food and Drug Administration (US) or any other regulatory body in these or other territories. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Where do you ship and how much does it cost?

We currently ship to addresses in the UK, the US, Canada, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. We do not charge for shipping – the price you see is the price you pay.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Orders are shipped either on the day of purchase or the following business day. UK orders should arrive within 2 business days and non-UK orders within 3-5 business days (these are the quoted “maximum” shipping times, they will usually arrive sooner).

Why should I buy a subscription?

When you buy a subscription, not only can you forget about having to reorder your supplements each month, you also benefit from a 10% discount on the non-subscription price. We’ll automatically process a reorder of your subscribed products each month and make sure they get to you in time before your previous batch has run out.

Can I change or cancel my subscription?

You can login to your account at any time to make changes to your subscription, including cancellation. If you’re having trouble, contact us and we’ll be happy to help you.


How does the money back guarantee work?

We want you to love your purchases. If you don’t, you have a couple of options. If you want to contact us and see if we can help fix the problem, we’d be delighted to help. But if you just want to jump straight to a refund, we respect that too. Most companies make you jump through hoops to get a refund on an unsatisfactory purchase. We don’t. No need to return the products, and no tricky admin procedures. All that we ask is that you give the product a chance. If you aren’t happy after 30 days, just forward us your original order confirmation email to refunds@neurogenika.com and we’ll immediately instruct a full refund. Obviously this policy could be open to abuse, so to avoid fraudulent claims the money back guarantee is only available the first time you purchase a product. Please contact us within 90 days of your purchase date to qualify.


Is it safe for you to store my credit card details?

We don’t actually store your credit card details – in fact, we never even see them. We use the Stripe payment system which is the most secure in the industry. All credit card details are stored in their “vault”. The payment itself takes place via an SSL-protected HTTPS page. Depending on your browser, you should see a little green padlock in the web address bar when you’re at checkout.

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